SSL Certificate Installation on Zeus

When you receive your certificates there will be 3 files, open a text editor and then copy the text from each certificate into the text editor to form one file. The certificates should be pasted in the following sequence: yoursite \ yourdomain certificate, Intermediate CA certificate and Root certificate, and the resulting file should look like the following:

(Your Site Certificate Encoded Text)
(intermediate CA Encoded Text)
(Root Encoded Text)

Please note: Make sure you include the -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and -----END CERTIFICATE----- as displayed above.

1. Login to the web server.

2. Select SSL certificates

SSL Configuration - Zeus

3. Select Generate CSR (or Replace Certificate) against the certificate set

SSL Certificate Set Management - Zeus

4. Copy/Paste the text from the text editor into the Signed Certificate box and click OK.

SSL Certificate Signing Request - Zeus

5. Then select Accept this Certificate

Zeus SSL Verification

6. The certificate set now needs assigning to the web site. Click on the Home icon. Put a tick in the box next to the virtual server to configure and select configure.

Zeus SSL Global Configuration

7. Click on SSL Enabled.

SSL Configuration Summary - Zeus

8. Enable SSL and select the certificate set to use.

SSL Security

9. Apply and commit the changes then restart the web server.