Enable SSL on IBM WebSphere Advanced Single Server Edition 4.0

WebStar 4.x requires a Netscape chained certificate in order to function properly. Please contact our customer support staff (at support@comodo.com)

To request your certificate please include your order number when requesting this certificate.

You can find our contact information here. Copy & paste your SSL Certificate (including the -----BEGIN NETSCAPE CERTIFICATE CHAIN----- and -----END NETSCAPE CERTIFICATE CHAIN----- headers)

into a raw text editor such as notepad, ensuring that no extra line spaces or extra characters are inserted into the data. Choose to save the file as yourdomainname.txt.

Webstar 4.x installation

• Start the WebSTAR Admin utility and login to your WebSTAR 4 server.

• Open Server Settings under Edit.

• Select SSL Security.

Note: In case the WebSTAR Admin utility does not have a SSL Security

setting, then you will have to re-install your WebSTAR 4 server to

enable SSL serving.

• Select the server IP address that corresponds points to your domain name that you want to use the certificate with.

• From the Security pull down menu select SSL2 & SSL3.

• Behind the SSL Certificate File field, click the Choose button to select your certificate file (yourdomainname.txt ).

• Behind the Private Key File field, click the Choose button to select the private key you have generated while you have made your CSR.

• Type your private key password into the Private Key Password field.

• Under Encryption Options, select all encryption options, except MAC (No Encryption).

• Click the Save button and exit the WebSTAR Admin utility.

• Restart your WebSTAR 4 server.