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For organizations hosting a single domain name but with different sub-domains (e.g. secure.comodogroup.com, www.comodo.com, signup.comodogroup.com), the Wildcard Certificate is a cost effective and efficient means of securing all sub-domains without the need to manage multiple certificates.

Unlike other providers, we do not double, triple, or spike the price of your Certificate for every additional license! Each certificate comes with unlimited server licensing included in the price - meaning you are free to install it on as many physical servers as you wish.

Comodo Wildcard certificates are the professional solution to securing your web server and carry a warranty of $1,000,000.

  • Full business validated certificate
  • Secure multiple sub-domains on a single domain name with one Certificate
  • Trusted by over 99.9% of browsers
  • $1,000,000 Warranty
  • Protect the most possible visitors with 128/256 bit encryption
  • Telephone, email and web support
  • Licensed for unlimited physical servers
  • FREE Corner of Trust worth PRICE
  • Starting at ONLY P.O.A. per Year
  • Unlimited Re-issuance Policy
  • 30 day refund policy

Convenience of a single Certificate:

Whether you are large company or a web host, the benefits of a Comodo Wildcard Certificate are apparent. Through a single SSL Certificate you can secure as many sub-domains belonging to a specified domain name as you can use.

A Comodo Wildcard Certificate ensures that you need not worry about the technical efforts, cost and time involved in managing multiple Certificates on your server.

SGC Wildcard Certificates

Secure multiple websites with a single Comodo Wildcard Certificate. Server Gated Cryptography (SGC) enabled certificates upgrade the encryption capabilities of older browsers from 40-bit encryption into full 128/256 bit encryption - ensuring your website protects and is trusted by the highest number of internet users possible.

Buy Platinum SSL Wildcard

Secure all your website's sub-domains
with one Certificate

Buy Platinum SSL SGC Wildcard

Enables 40 bit browsers to connect
at full 128/256 bit security while
your website's sub-domains are
protected with one Certificate
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* Free 1 year PCI and website scanning offers are limited to one license per-account.

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