Web Host / ISP Resellers

The Web Host Reseller partner programs are designed for ISPs and Business Hosting companies. The Program allows hosting companies to perform the entire application, issuance and installation process of an Enterprise SSL Certificate on behalf of the end-customer through a web interface - no software downloads are required.

Approved hosting companies may issue Certificates for their customers at their own speed. Hosting companies can benefit from attractive discounts on the purchase of Enterprise SSL certificates for their customers.

SSL Resellers

Comodo's SSL Reseller partner Program allows resellers to white label (or brand) the Enterprise SSL signup process. Enterprise SSL certificates may be integrated into the reseller's product family by allowing the reseller to take payment, therefore enabling resellers to include Enterprise SSL into their current product offerings. SSL Resellers will be offered an attractive discount on the purchase of Enterprise SSL certificates through the SSL Reseller programs. This is no ordinary reseller partner program and requires no additional software downloads - the program is managed through the simple to use web interface.

Enterprise Security Solutions Resellers

Data encryption, user authentication, vulnerability scanning and PC endpoint security are all critical components of Comodo's Enterprise Security Solution product portfolio. They help companies reduce risk, achieve compliance, and preserve profitability.

Data encryption and site authentication for virtually any business environment or application. Includes Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates offering the highest level of website identity assurance, UC Certificates for Microsoft Exchange environments, client S/MIME certificates for secure user access, among many others.

Identity & Content Authentication

Prevent unauthorized user access to systems, and Phishing/Spoofing of websites.

Endpoint Security

Corporations looking to secure large distributed networks can realize huge operational efficiencies drive down total cost of ownership and quickly improve overall security with products like Comodo Endpoint Security Manager.

Compliance and Monitoring

Don't let PCI, SOX, Basel, HIPAA or other compliance be jeopardized by network vulnerabilities.

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