BEC and Sectigo SMIME White Paper

BEC and Sectigo SMIME

Email hacking is a commonly used malicious tactic in our increasingly connected world. Business email compromise (BEC), or email account compromise (EAC), is one such scheme that uses email hacking for potentially huge payouts for attackers
Comodo CA Is Now Sectigo

Comodo CA Is Now Sectigo

We are the largest commercial Certificate Authority in the world, and now we take the next step in our evolution. Since Comodo CA was acquired by Francisco Partners, there have been a number of exciting things happening.
Sectigo SSL Solutions Brief Solutions Briefs

Sectigo SSL Solutions Brief

All SSL certificates must be issued by a Certificate Authority (CA) with roots that are trusted by client operating systems and browsers. By regulation, CAs must follow a codified, minimum vetting process before issuing any SSL certificate.
Sectigo IoT Manager Brief Solutions Briefs

Sectigo IoT Manager Brief

With more than one billion devices deployed today, Internet of Things (IoT) is among the most important growth areas for technology in the coming years. Companies of all sizes and industries are planning and implementing IoT strategies.
Sectigo S/MIME Email Certificates Brief Solutions Briefs

Sectigo S/MIME Email Certificates Brief

Posing as legitimate employees, servers, or devices, hackers can utilize email to infiltrate an organization’s digital infrastructure and wreak havoc on its business. You can combat these potential attacks by signing email using Sectigo.
Sectigo Code Signing Brief Solutions Briefs

Sectigo Code Signing Brief

Sectigo Code Signing enables developers to add a layer of assurance, informing users the software they’re receiving can be trusted. Utilizing certificates that allow developers to digitally sign software before distribution.
Sectigo Certificate Manager Brief Solutions Briefs

Sectigo Certificate Manager Brief

Sectigo Certificate Manager is the cloud-based platform that gives businesses complete visibility and lifecycle control over any certificate in their environments, helping them reduce risk, quickly respond to threats, and control costs.
Technical Documents

Web Host Reseller Program

The Sectigo Web Host Reseller Program gives you the unique ability to integrate the Sectigo range of SSL certificates and TrustLogos into your own product offerings.
Sectigo Accounts Management Technical Documents

Sectigo Accounts Management

Sectigo Accounts Management (SAM) allows you to manage subscriptions and view payment history for all of your Sectigo Security Solutions products.
Accelerate your SSL Orders Technical Documents

Accelerate your SSL Orders

The features demonstrated below are both available now from within all Sectigo Webhost Reseller accounts as well as available via API.