EnterpriseSSL Certificate

Secures one domain at one great price

As low as $279 / year

Prices in US Dollars / USD

Why choose EnterpriseSSL?

Compatible with all popular browsers, this 256-bit encryption certificate is the perfect solution for securing internal and external sites. Boasting a free TrustLogo, it also provides real-time web identity assurance to your customers.

Features & Benefits

EnterpriseSSL OV certificates

OV certificates provide the same level of protection as DV certificates but go one step further than simply requiring proof of domain ownership. With an OV certificate, the issuing Certificate Authority confirms the business associated with the domain name is registered and legitimate by checking details such as the business name, location, address, and incorporation or registration information. This makes the OV certificate a more suitable option for public-facing websites that represent companies or organizations.

Validation Levels

To deliver the highest level of security and trust for your customers, all EnterpriseSSL Pro certificates undergo full validation of both domain name and company details.


Starting at only $312.75 per year, EnterpriseSSL Pro certificates are a cost-effective way to secure your web site. With TrustLogo’s unique, real-time assurance seal, you’ll boost your customers’ confidence in your site. Each certificate includes unlimited server licensing, so you can secure all your physical servers.


Browser compatibility is a key part of choosing an SSL provider. Compatible with all popular browsers, EnterpriseSSL Pro certificates are a no-worry option for connecting with site visitors.

Industry-leading Enterprise Support

With Sectigo’s industry-leading customer and technical support, you can expect a dedicated account manager and priority multi-channel tech assistance. From application to installation to use, our team is here to support you.

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