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Sectigo HackerGuardian Network security audit and Assessment

Identify the weaknesses and security holes in your corporate network using the most comprehensive and customizable vulnerability auditing service available.

HackerGuardian Vulnerability Scanning and Assessment Service (VSA Service) is an on-demand network security auditing service. The VSA Service helps administrators identify security flaws, back doors, un-patched software and other ways hackers can compromise your network and get into your corporate servers.

Our remote audits run over 11,000 individual tests on your organization's servers and network then provide clear advice on how to fix any security vulnerabilities it discovers.

Tests are fully configurable with user defined plug in selection, full scheduling, unlimited recurring scans, concurrent scanning of multiple IP's and more.

After each test you will receive an audit report that tells you exactly where your network is vulnerable with detailed, cross referenced advice on how to fix it.

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Sectigo HackerGuardian Daily Scanning Service

Are you maximizing your website's customer conversion rates? Do you ever wonder why your web statistics indicate a high abandonment rate even though you have an SSL certificate?

Point to Verify = Unspoofable
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A significant part of the reason is public concern about the safety of online transactions after stories about breaches of web server security. As a result, customers are increasingly looking to the trust indicators built into websites for reassurance that their credit card details are safe once they have been transferred onto a vendor web server.

HackerGuardian TrustLogo is the daily server vulnerability assessment and certification service that delivers essential, real time verification of your security credentials directly to your website customers. Unlike other security seals, our logos cannot be spoofed or faked for fraudulent use. Each logo uses groundbreaking Sectigo Content Verification Technology to verify it as an authentic HackerGuardian TrustLogo.

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Sectigo HackerGuardian Free Vulnerability Scan

Registering for the free service enables users to run a HackerGuardian vulnerability audit on a single IP to identify potential security threats. The free service is limited to 3 scans per license on a single IP and is non user customizable.

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Sectigo HackerGuardian Free website continuity monitoring

Sectigo SiteMon automatically checks your website is up and running and viewable by your customers every ten minutes, 24/7. SiteMon also monitors user-selected keywords to ensure your web page has loaded correctly and content has not been modified. If there are any problems, you are alerted instantly via email.

Free for life, this essential website monitoring tool is simple to configure and requires no downloads or software installation.

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