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Sectigo in collaboration with Intel® has developed a range of AMT SSL Certificates specifically for use with PCs based on Active Management Technology, a feature of Intel® vPro™ platforms.

Using Active Management Technology allows administrators to:

  • Remotely view hardware and software assets.
  • Determine OS status, patch management or the upgrade level of each machine.
  • Reduce desk-side visits.

Benefits of using AMT certificates

  • Provides authentication and encryption for the remote configuration of Intel® vPro™ Platforms.
  • Official Intel® approved certificates to create a secure connection for configuration data to be sent down-the-wire to the Intel® vPro™ platform without a physical touch required by IT.
  • Fully validated (domain name and business entity), to provide a high level of trust and authentication.
  • Works with Leading ISVs such as Altiris/Symantec, LANDESK and Microsoft SCCM.

Intel® has embedded Sectigo’s public root certificate into the firmware of the Intel® vPro™ Platform. With a Sectigo AMT certificate on their setup and configuration server, IT and support departments can now protect and create a trusted and secure connection to their user’s machines. AMT certificates are available for purchase in single domain, wildcard and multi-domain options.

AMT SSL Certificate AMT Wildcard SSL Certificate AMT Multi-Domain SSL Certificate
Securely connect to Intel® vPro™ based platforms from single FQDN management servers. Secure connections from multiple management servers hosted on any FQDN subdomain.Secure connections to Intel® vPro™ platforms from 3 different FQDNs. Add more domains for just $139.99/ year.
Available from $159.99/year

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Available from $489.99/year

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Available from $435.99/year

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Intel and Intel vPro are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Sectigo will continue to work with Intel® to maintain, develop and provision AMT SSL certificates so that software developers can continue to rely on the proven security, robustness and reliability of platforms enabled with Intel® vPro™ technology.